A dog interrupts a football game and is adopted by the player who took him off the field

Usually, in football matches, you only see athletes performing tricks with the ball and playing as a team to get the win, but a dog interrupting a game stole everyone’s attention.

While a soccer match between The Strongest and Nacional de Potosi teams was taking place at the Hernando Siles stadium in La Paz, Bolivia, a stranger stole the show. A homeless dog entered the field and caused a stir by carrying a shoe in its mouth that it took from a substitute.

© Twitter/ Bolivian Information Agency

The dog, known as ‘Cachito’, apparently wanted to show off the sporting loot to the players, but the players were trying to stay focused on the game.

A dog interrupts a football game

But very soon the dog was no longer ignored and his walk around the pitch avoiding the referees and the players interrupted the game. Pleased with the attention he had gotten, the dog decided to lay down on the ground and started chewing the shoe enthusiastically.

© Twitter/ Bolivian Information Agency

Some players approached Cachito to try to catch him, and the dog, without thinking, rolled over on the ground to receive numerous pettings. After that, Cachito allowed a player from the home team, Raúl Castro, to carry him off the field to continue the game.

The friendly dog ​​not only won the hearts of football fans, but also served as a lucky charm for the home team. The strongest won the Christmas Eve game by 3 goals to 0. The spectators were happy with the result and with Cachito.

© Facebook/ The Strongest garra y passion

Nobody knew what had happened to this football star, until a few days later news appeared on social media about this friendly dog. UnfortunatelyCachito was found in the city center in poor health, having been hit by a vehicle.

The person who found him posted the story on Facebook, seeking help, and a woman quickly answered the call. Mayra, a rescuer from an animal shelter, came to the scene and took the dog to the shelter for treatment.

Mayra told El Potosí:

“We have seen this person’s post. We got to the place and the boy who posted it told us he saw how it got run over and that’s why he threw himself on the ground. Now he just sleeps. We need help with the vet. »

Fortunately, another player from The Strongest team saw Cachito’s Facebook post and decided to share it to find him a home.

© Facebook/Fernando Marteli

That’s how Raúl Castro, the player who took Cachito off the pitch, learned the sad news. Man didn’t hesitate to contact shelter and help dog, paid all vet bills and also decided to adopt it.

Cachito not only stole a few minutes of glory in a football match, but also managed to steal the heart of his beloved savior, becoming a champion in the process.

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