A dog interrupts a football match in Chile and claims papouilles | News

The pooch elected star of the match!

The scene took place on June 26, during a football match friendly which opposed the women’s national team of Chile against that of Venezuela. A beautiful hair ball black appeared on the lawn in small stride and interrupts the game in the 36th minute of play. He first headed straight for the Chilean goalkeeper who did not hesitate for a single second for the flutter !

The dog continued his little tour of the field and it is on the referee of the match that he marks a timeout, on his back, to cajole with tenderness her soft little belly… Adorable! Unfortunately, all good things come to an end (even the cutest ones) and the match had to resume. He will end up being gently caught by a player from the Chilean team, helped by a ball boy.

For information, it is the team of Venezuela who won the game 1-0.

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