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Who let the dogs out?

While the women’s selections of Chile and Venezuela clashed on the night of Saturday to Sunday (0-1 victory for the Venezuelans), a dog burst onto the lawn of the La Granja de Curicó stadium in the 36e minute, forcing the referee to temporarily suspend the match. Far from fetching the ball or disturbing the players, the dog approached the captain of the Roja, Christiane Endler, and got on his back so that the Lyon goalkeeper could hug him. The best babysitter in the world, with a wide smile, answered the request of the little animal.

Then match referee Debora Cruz and other players arrived to try and take the animal away, but every time someone came the pup would lay on its back and the players eventually gave in and cuddle him. He was finally evacuated from the field by one of the Chilean players, then helped by a ballboy.

Luckily Kurt Zouma wasn’t there.


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