A dog is afraid to cross the road, his master grabs his paws so that they cross together

When an owner loves and respects his dog, he does everything he can to protect him so that he grows up as happy as possible. In fact, both the owner and his pet are the protagonists of a viral video.

A woman and her daughter were seen grabbing their puppy by the paws to help her cross the street safely. The event was shared on TikTok.

A dog is afraid to cross the road and his master holds his front legs so that they cross together.

In a TikTok video, posted by Daniel García, a mother and daughter can be seen holding their dog’s front paws on a busy avenue.

So that nothing bad happens to the animal, the women pick up their pace, and the dog follows them, walking only on its hind legs.

Many people praised her for her love for the animal and for ensuring that nothing happened to it or that it was run over.

A few others mentioned why she didn’t wear it, but obviously the woman couldn’t because she had her hands full, although they suggested that next time she should have a leash .

Quickly, this TikTok video titled “Always carry your children by the hand / leg” got thousands of views and has 1 million views to date, many likes and comments:

“If there were more good people like that, the world would be different,” wrote one user.

“Really beautiful, ma’am. Thank you for teaching your daughter that animals are important; bless more people like this,” commented another.

Below is the video:

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