A dog lives 11 years in a shelter hoping to find the family of her dreams

From birth until today, at the age of 11, Molly has spent her life in a shelter. She hopes to finally find a family to spend her last years.

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The older the dogs, the less successful they are in shelters. Molly arrived in hers when she was only 8 months old. But she wasn’t adopted at the time and kind of missed her chance. The years have passed, and with them, the likelihood of her being chosen by a household has diminished.

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Molly was a stray puppy

Molly was found on the street, England, only 8 months old. When she was taken to a shelter, no one expected it to be the start of 11 long years for the canine. But the unfortunate dog was the victim of overcrowding in the kennels. Others have always been preferred to her, and she had to pass each time. Molly has known various shelters during her life, but, whatever the place, she was not adopted.

A dog with a big heart, but with specific needs

According Dogs Trustthe last refuge of Molly, the dog is very nice. “Molly is a very special girl with a big heart and we would love for her to finally find the home she deserves“, said Celine Di Croccothe director of Dogs Trustin words reported by SBLY Animal Channel. She is also full of joy and energy, despite her age, as can be seen in this video where she celebrates her 10th birthday.

Nevertheless, Molly has specific needs. She’s a little afraid of men she doesn’t know, and the ideal would be for a woman living alone to adopt her. Its future owner will also have to be patient, because having always lived in a refuge, Molly going to need some time to adapt.

Molly however had the opportunity to spend a few days in the house of Celine Di Crocco, to test his reactions. “Although she unfortunately didn’t spend much time in a house, Molly stayed with me and she was the perfect guest… She was perfectly comfortable with all the different sounds and smells, slept in the living room at night and we enjoyed a cuddle on the sofa in the evening“, she recounted.

Promises, but still no home

Many people seem interested in Molly and ask questions about it. But when they come to the shelter, they always leave with another dog. Molly receives promises, but she still doesn’t have a house. Let’s hope that the sweet dog finds an adoptive mother soon, so that she can finally discover family life and have a happy retirement.

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