A dog looks with deep sadness at her heroes as she is rescued from the streets

This helpless dog was rescued from the streets of Paraná, Brazil, she was located thanks to an anonymous call from the neighborhood of Parolin and received by the investigator Cassio Silva and the delegate Matheus Laiola.

When rescuers arrived, they found a small dog in dire straits, his eyes so sad that they immediately identified with him and sympathized with his pain.

“She was very weak and malnourished and her coat was in very poor condition. However, what struck me the most was the expression on his face. She showed deep sadness. She only knew the cruelty and unjustified cruelty of men,” Mr. Silva said.

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A dog looks with deep sadness at her heroes as she is rescued from the streets

The rescue of this dog was published through images in which we can see how the dog, baptized with the name of Niña, looked suspiciously at the people who wanted to save her.

Niña also had an advanced case of mange, but Silva and Laiola, along with pet rights activist Mari Hedler, already made sure she was treated.

“We have been very dedicated to Niña’s case and she is already receiving all the medical care she needs. Gradually, she went from sadness to joy and became very playful. We are happy to have found her,” they added.

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According to Silva and company, they also said,

“Niña is an extremely sweet and affectionate canine. She is very grateful and is progressing wonderfully. »

With love and a lot of patience, this helpless little dog will be able to heal all her physical and emotional wounds.

According to Silva, it is very likely that he will adopt her after she leaves the veterinary center.

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