A dog saddened by the departure of her little ones takes care of orphaned kittens

The maternal instinct is always very beautiful to observe. A feeling that usually arises during the birth of one’s offspring, but which sometimes appears at times when one does not expect it. This is the case of Ginger who surprised her mistress by her altruism against kittens in need of affection.

Susan Hicks is the proud owner of ginger, a rescue dog she adopted 4 years ago. At this moment, ginger had puppies that she took care of very well. Their departure for new adventures with loving families terribly saddened the young mother.

Susan is also a volunteer host for an association dedicated to the well-being of felines. She therefore receives at her home kittens with a painful past that require care until they are old enough to be adopted. And since 2018, ginger assists her like a leader in her mission.

A found vocation

Susan didn’t expect so much sweetness from ginger. As soon as she sees new arrivals arriving, she jumps for joy and begins to protect them. “Ginger is like a living, breathing, snoring body pillow for these kittens”said Susan at The Dodo.

Little felines in need of affection therefore find the comfort they so desperately need from their adoptive canine mother. They snuggle up to her for a nap and willingly play at pulling her ears, without the dog showing an ounce of annoyance.

Otherwise, ginger participates in the socialization of kittens. The latter indeed assimilate canids to beings endowed with tenderness and gentleness. They also learn to live in harmony with another species. “People contact me saying, I would like to adopt one of your baby cats because I know they are used to dogs”has explained Susan.

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When the helpless little ones have taken enough hair from the beast to set off on their new life, ginger always has a pang in the heart. However, she now knows that other babies will arrive soon and that her mission is far from over.

ginger officially became an assistance dog for orphaned felines.


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