A dog saved in extremis by a good Samaritan while drowning in an irrigation canal

When this local resident saw a big white dog in the middle of the water in the distance, he didn’t hesitate for a second before wetting his shirt, really. Thanks to his bravery, the unfortunate man found solid ground. A rescue applauded on the web.

Sunday, June 26, 2022, in the city of Grenade in Spaina man who was walking near the channel of theAcequia Gorda del Genilsaw a dog in a very bad position in the distance.

The poor thing was literally drowning. Impossible for him to go up alone from this gigantic cliff with steep slopes. If no one intervened, he would have succumbed to exhaustion within minutes.

The good Samaritan called for help, took off his shoes and jumped into the water without even asking himself any questions. the Granada Hoy reported that the speed of response was key to the successful ending of this rescue.

Despite the impressive size (and weight) of the canine, the individual succeeded in his mission brilliantly. He hoisted him on the bank not without difficulty then the local police arrived to take the unfortunate man to the veterinarian. His rescuer’s act of bravery was hailed by the townspeople.

Exhausted, but safe and sound

The pooch wore a red collar, but no identification system by tattoo or microchip. The font of Grenade has therefore been unable to find the trace of its owner to date. Law enforcement also cannot determine if the canine got lost or was loosely abandoned in a dangerous place.

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For the time being, the brave survivor is recovering from his emotions within the refuge of the city council of the metropolis. He had indeed swallowed a lot of water and had come out exhausted and traumatized from his terrible experience. But fortunately, no injury was to be deplored.

An investigation is underway to understand the story of this unlucky dog. In the meantime, he is pampered by the members of the kennel.


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