A dog saves his master by guiding the ambulance after he collapses in the street

This Golden Retriever is being hailed a hero after guiding an ambulance to its unconscious master in northern China. Apparentlythe man collapsed in a small alley in Yuncheng, Shanxi province, and residents called an ambulance.

Footage from a camera carried by the ambulance shows the faithful dog waiting for the ambulance in the middle of the street before running away barking, prompting rescuers to follow him, according to the Daily Mail.

Turns out the man was collecting bottles from a neighbor when he suddenly collapsed on the ground in the narrow alley and his trusty pet rescued him.

Dog guides ambulance to owner

Jiang Xu, one of the first responders, told Pear that the dog kept watching the ambulance back and forth to see if it was following.

© Pear video

Jiang says:

“After making sure we were following him, the dog picked up speed and started running.”

The dog eventually led paramedics to a crowd surrounding the unconscious master on the ground. The faithful dog’s devotion touched many social media users after the news went viral.

Eventually, the man was treated in hospital and his son is currently caring for him, of course alongside his dog. A user of Weibo said in a comment:

“How did the dog recognize an ambulance – it’s just amazing! “.

Another user said:

“Such an intelligent and loyal guardian angel!” “.

In August last year, a dog in Heilongjiang, China, refused to give up his owner after she collapsed in the street, forcing paramedics to make a special exception and allow the dog to board. the ambulance with her.

There is no doubt that our dogs are the best and most faithful friends we can have, love them, respect them and do not abandon them.

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