a dog took refuge inside an old television to protect itself from the cold

An image of a dog lying inside an abandoned television has been shared. An initiative to alert Internet users to help and take care of abandoned animals.

The situation of dogs on the streets is becoming increasingly worrying, despite awareness messages and the hundreds of shelters that have been created to promote the care and rapid adoption of animals.

This new scene of dogs in the street has marked many people. Indeed, a social media user shared a video of a stray dog ​​trying to shelter from the cold inside the headphones of a television.

As shown in the images posted on the account @fiorelita2020, a dog that seemed to be in terrible living conditions has found a new home in an old television. The animal took advantage of the fact that there was only the frame, because the screen had already been removed.

© Tiktok @fiorelita2020

Although the video was made in a “ humorous“Hundreds of people expressed their concern about the precariousness of the dog, and many animal friends expressed their opinion that no living thing should live in such conditions.

A dog took refuge inside an old television to protect itself from the cold

” This is not a joke. I think they should broadcast to help him and not to make fun”, “It’s no laughing matter”, “An abandoned puppy”, “My God where is he? He must be saved, this little animal, please,” are some of the messages from TikTok users, in a video that has now surpassed 392,000 views.

Following the outcry over the post, the young woman who posted the clip said the dog lives at the Posta bus stopin the district of Márquez (Ventanilla). One of the populous neighborhoods of Callao in Peru.
Users have pointed out that it is important to help these strays by getting them adopted, or at least neutered to prevent the stray dog ​​population from continuing to grow.

If you are determined to get a pet, before you buy, consider adoption. There are many abandoned animals in shelters waiting for an owner who will adopt and love them.

Other people put up ads on the internet and posters in pet stores to donate puppies or pets they can’t care for. Do your part and help them!

It would be horrible if your dog ended up in a bad situation like the dog in this story, stuck in a television. We must take care of the animals and not abandon them.

Own an animal involves a commitment to him that should never be broken. However, issues such as holidays or parties lead to thousands of dropouts.

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