A facetious cat interrupts a report several times, the video goes viral on the Internet!

While reporting in a shelter, a journalist was interrupted by one of the residents, a cat who was just asking to take a nap.

For a cat lover, being in the presence of an adorable sleeping feline is a sight that is hard to resist. Alex Leduc is one of these people, as evidenced by the account reported by Animal Channel. He couldn’t help but be touched by the nap and sneezing of a cat he met in a shelter, while he was doing his job as a journalist.

Report for CBC News, Alex Leduc was at the refuge of the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) local, to relay the call for donations launched by the association. The latter saw its resources dry up dangerously, to the point of finding itself threatened with closing its doors.

A real drama for all these animals saved from wandering or abandonment, and waiting to have a chance to make a new start in life.

The Canadian journalist was therefore rehearsing his text and trying out the different versions of his report, positioning himself next to a cat who was sleeping peacefully on a cat tree.

Illustration of the article: A mischievous cat interrupts a report several times, the video goes viral on the Internet!
CBC News / YouTube

” Bless you “

His sleep was nevertheless disturbed by the speech ofAlex Leduc. She finally woke up and stretched, before sneezing 3 times. At the 2andthe man turned to her to say ” bless you in a soft voice. A little attention that says a lot about the love he has for cats.

Remember, in passing, that occasional sneezing is nothing to worry about in cats. They are only of concern when they are frequent. There, there is reason to suspect a respiratory condition, and the animal should be seen by a veterinarian. As for the cat in question here, on the other hand, nothing serious. She is doing wonderfully.

After her little series of sneezes, therefore, she began to clean herself quietly, without worrying about the presence of the journalist, nor that of the cameraman.

A sequence of less than a minute full of tenderness and which has gone viral on YouTube, where it has more than 4 million views. There she is :

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