A false letter sent on behalf of a Dordogne town hall threatens owners of dogs who bark too much

Everything is there, the letterhead of the town hall, the stamp, the date and even an extract from a prefectural decree but everything is false! A false letter was sent in the name of the town hall to threaten owners of dogs who bark too loudly. The town hall of Coulounieix-Chamiers warns its inhabitants.

Two residents at the moment have received this fake letter. The town hall asks the other inhabitants who would have been recipients to report themselves.
Coulounieix-Chamiers town hall

Two residents brought up this fake letter

For now, two inhabitants from Coulounieix-Chamiers from the same neighborhood sent these somewhat strange letters to the town hall this Tuesday and they did well because it’s a fake explains Mayor Thierry Cipierre. On closer inspection, there are spelling and syntax errors, the font is not the same, there is no name of the signatory of the mail and above all “The town hall never sends this type of threatening letter” explains the mayor.

In this fake mail, it is written that it is the “last warning before sanction”. the recipients “are put on notice to take all the measures concerning your animal in order to avoid any inconvenience for your neighborhood”. This false letter threatens dog owners with fines and confiscation of the animal.

The town hall will file a complaint

The mayor of Coulounieix-Chamiers is very surprised by this letter because if he receives reports of nuisance between neighbors, he has never been told about concerns because of dogs that are too noisy. “We have a team of three people and a public peace officer who are there precisely to manage nuisances” details Thierry Cipierre who announces that the town hall will file a complaint for identity theft and use of forgery.

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