A family tied their dog in the snow but a neighbor steps in and fixes things

The helpless dog had spent the whole night shivering outside in a snowstorm after his owners left him chained up in the yard. If he stayed out any longer, he would die. He desperately needed warmth.

A neighbor saw 2 year old dog shivering in the snow and knew he had to do something. So he called Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, an organization that rescues homeless, injured or sick dogs in Detroit, Michigan, and asked rescuers to help this helpless dog.

Theresa Sumpter, Founder and Director of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue told The Dodo:

“We received a call from a Detroit man who seemed to be very angry that his neighbors left a dog outside in the cold all night. If we weren’t going to help this dog, this concerned citizen was afraid that this dog would die. »

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A family tied up their dog in the snow

Knowing the dog was in immediate danger, rescuers rushed to the scene in an attempt to untie it. Last February, a new law made it illegal for owners to tie up a dog outside for more than three hours. Also, the masters of this dog had obviously broken the law.

The owners were at home, but refused to speak to the rescue team. The neighbor then intervened and convinced these people to turn the dog over to the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.

Funnily enough, the owners had another dog, and that dog was allowed inside.

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Theresa added:

“The neighbor opened the door to show me that the other dog was inside, and he said that the owner no longer wanted the dog that was outside and that they were going to leave him there. So I took the lead and said, “Yes, we’re taking the dog. He is obviously injured and cold and cannot go out in this weather. »

The rescue team named her Blizzard after her ordeal. Blizzard couldn’t contain their happiness and relief. And he would no longer be cold in the snow.

Theresa then added:

“We knew he was sweet when we took him in. He was licking us. »

When they got Blizzard into their van, he curled up and was able to sleep. The team rushed him to the vet – his paws were swollen, infected and frozen.

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Theresa added:

“He will fully recover. But it was pretty bad, and he was very cold. »

The next day, the dog was taken to a foster home with two other dogs, Noelle and Cholo, who were also rescued by Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.

Theresa finally said:

“He is very happy with his foster family and loves the other dogs. »

Fortunately, this dog was lucky enough to be rescued, but there are always other dogs who need help, especially during the winter season.

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