A family wishing to adopt a puppy is the victim of a big scam, a breeder comes to their aid!

An Australian couple and their son were struggling to recover from the shock and heartache of a fake dog breeder scamming them. They have returned to happiness by welcoming the newest member of their family, a puppy offered by a lady touched by their distress.

Around the world, scams set up by pseudo-dog breeders have been claiming more and more victims in recent years, taking advantage of the ever-increasing demand for pets. Lisa Fittkau and her husband Leigh Murray are among those people who have advanced large sums of money when the puppy they hoped to adopt had, in fact, never existed. A story told by The Singleton Argus this Monday, June 6.

Lisa and Leighwho lives Devonport in Tasmania (Australia), were looking for a small dog to buy and wanted to surprise their son with it oliver. They had come across an advertisement showing an adorable Toy Poodle puppy with an apricot coat and called Mango. Seduced, the couple contacted what they believed to be the breeder, who provided them with a registration number, as well as photos and videos of the young quadruped.

A ” considerable sum » was paid to him, says Lisa Fittkau, who received a tracking number letting them know the pup was in transit. Several days have passed since then, and the family still had no news of Mango. Worse, the salesman demanded more money from them to cover the costs of insurance, transport case and treatment for anxiety. Which only confirmed their doubts; they had just been scammed.

We didn’t know what to do. […]. They even stole the identity of a breeder. They are very skilled at what they do “, confides the mother of the family.

Welcome to Enza!

Their story reached the ears of Sandy Trujillo, herself a former victim of scam from a fake breeder and who has been fighting against this practice for years. She had wonderful news to tell Lisa and Leigh ; she found them a puppy in a lady living in the state of Victoria (south-eastern Australia) and moved by what happened to them. Her name is Enza.

Enza offered them one of his little Cavapoos to help them back up the slope. For oliver and his parents, it was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel », says Lisa Fittkau. They decided to call the puppy Enzain tribute to this magnificent person.

Saturday, June 4, Lisa, Leigh and oliver went to the airport Devonport to get to know the newest member of their family, whom they welcomed with open arms and tears in their eyes.

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