a few minutes later, his phone does not stop ringing!

She takes a picture of her cat: a few minutes later, her phone keeps ringing!

When a photo posted on Twitter goes viral in a matter of hours. And for good reason, not all of us are lucky enough to have Master Yoda at home!

This Sunday, Bella Moza posted a photo of her boyfriend’s cat on Twitter, probably without thinking that her tweet would soon be liked more than 100,000 times!

This is a photo where the little cat is hiding behind a towel the same color as Master Yoda’s tunic. We only see his ears sticking out behind the towel, as well as the top of his skull. His ears stick out in a point on each side, which is really reminiscent of the silhouette of Master Yoda. Bella took the photo on the spot, she was able to capture the naturalness of the situation and the photo is stunning!

In reality, the little cat is a cat named Parmesan.

The resemblance to Master Yoda is more than this simple photo. In everyday life, Parmesan very often has ears pointing to the sides. As soon as she goes into “hunting mode” the little cat’s ears turn around. And according to her masters, it happens very, very often… Parmesan loves to play and she regularly makes movies with the bath towels.

Bella’s boyfriend took in Parmesan last July, when a friend of theirs had some kittens to give away that needed a home.

Parmesan cultivates his resemblance thoroughly with Master Yoda and loves to hide in the couple’s armchair: his dilated pupils reflect the flash and give the impression that a small supernatural being is watching them in the dark…

One thing is certain: the couple has the right to the Star Wars show every day in their apartment!

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