a few seconds later, she cries hot tears

A small cut that ended in tears for the most beautiful of reasons.

Most dog groomers are big dog lovers because you have to love these furry balls to spend your days in their company. But the female groomer in the video above unfortunately recently lost her beloved pooch…

A difficult moment to live for her, but her colleagues have decided to give her a little balm in the heart.

Stars in the eyes

Instead of simply offering her a dog in the classic way, the colleagues of this groomer decided to do it differently and entrust her with a puppy to groom. A puppy that will actually be hers, but she doesn’t know it yet.

With a lot of love, the woman begins to take care of the doggie. Once the dog is all beautiful, she discovers a bag of puppy toys. Not understanding the situation, she looks around for her colleagues who explain to her that this adorable puppy is now hers. She then bursts into tears, not believing her eyes.

PLEASE NOTE: offering an animal must always be a thoughtful act. The person who will receive it must be willing and able to take care of it properly. An animal is neither a gift nor a toy.

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