a former Toulouse lawyer creates a game to laugh at the law

Pierre Benazech practiced at the Toulouse Bar for five years, between 2015 and 2020. For nearly two years, he has chosen the business world, for a better harmony between professional and private life. He is legal counsel in a Toulouse company, gives courses in intellectual property law and business law at the International Fashion School and the Condé School (design, graphics). And this board game enthusiast had time to imagine a game related to his favorite discipline.

Tenor was developed with the help of a graphic designer. It’s a party game which mocks the world of law and enjoys its laws, its trials.

“I wanted to trap my lawyer friends at the start. And then afterwards I wanted to popularize the law in a playful way. The law is a subject deemed off-putting, wrongly.”

Accessible to everyone, even the layman, Tenor allows you to gain in eloquence, while developing your imagination and enriching your general culture. Sold at a price of 30 euros, its inventor only receives a few euros in the end. “When you create a game, it’s not for the money, it’s for fun”summarizes the thirty-something.

Tenor can be pre-ordered on the Editions Enrick B website, at Fnac or at Cultura.

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