a friendly dolphin comes to greet two dogs on a boat

Over time there have been many stories of unusual friendships in the animal world, the following is an example. Two gorgeous dogs, named Miles and Stanley, recently struck up a somewhat different and unlikely friendship.

While walking with their mistress, Magen Peigelbeck, they had a very surprising encounter with an animal that lives in the sea, and what is strange, that’s how they approached.

It all started when Magen and her two dogs took advantage of a beautiful sunny day to go boating on a river off the coast of Georgia. Suddenly a friendly dolphin appeared and decided to pass by to greet them; he seemed eager to meet the dogs.


A friendly dolphin welcomes two dogs

As Magen watches the scene, the dolphin swims towards Miles and Stanley, emerging from the water repeatedly, as if trying to say “hello” to his new friends.

Magen told The Dodo:

“I was amazed, I knew it was a special moment”.

The incredible event continued for some time, it seemed like the curious dolphin wanted to know more about his friends and didn’t care about Magen’s presence. Magen didn’t care that the curious visitor ignored her, on the contrary, she was delighted with what she saw.


Magen says as follows:

“The dolphin was having a great time, he was there just to see the dogs, he clearly had no interest in me! “.

After this moving encounter, Magen and his dogs passed several times by the same place, to try to find their friend. But, unfortunately, they did not find this beautiful and intelligent aquatic animal. They don’t know if it will happen again, but they remain hopeful.

Magen and her two dogs will continue sailing with the faith that their new friend will visit them again, but if that doesn’t happen, they will treasure this special moment forever.

Magen adds as follows:

“We’ve been in the water for years and we’ve never experienced anything like it, it was a very special encounter. »

Certainly, this beautiful event will forever be engraved in the hearts of Magen and his dogs as an incredibly friendly meeting. Luckily for all, the event was recorded in a video that was uploaded to YouTube by Magen, where it has been shared hundreds of times.


Magen told WSAV:

“He makes me smile and my heart races, everyone can get along. We can learn from animals. »

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