A gang of thieves rages in the English Channel, bank cards stolen from restaurant customers

Thieves stole bank cards; (©Pixabay)

A customer from Burger King ofLambs (Channel) noticed the flight of his Bank card while he was still in the establishment, the February 21, 2019. After consulting his account, on which there was nofraudulent transactionhe performed the procedures with his bankand later discovered a withdrawal of 600 € the same day, but on credit.

He has lodged a complaintthe video from fast food showed three people at the suspicious behavior. Investigation made it possible to elucidate other similar facts in the same signs at The Ice Cream Shop, Granville, Mondeville and Amiens.

The same procedure

The malefactors chose a client who came from enter your code on the terminal. One of them would write down the code, another would steal the card while the person was eating, then they would remove species at the counters or were playing to PMU. the booty of the twelve facts committed between November 2018 and June 2019 amounts to €14,500.

Only one man could be identified and arrested in Darnetalclose to Rouenthe October 7, 2021. Square in custodyhe has first deniedthen acknowledged his participation by evoking pressures of another man who has no not identified.

A limited role

At the bar, assisted by an interpreter, the suspect continues to talk about a Romanian met at Paris. “He was the one who took me and organized everything,” he says. He claims not to have won more than €250. His telephone limited to geographic proximity and when flying. He ends up admitting to having gone to each of the establishments where a card theft was committed, and specifies that his role was limited to writing down codes and withdrawing cash.

The representative of the prosecution indicates that the warned has been sentenced for similar facts on October 15, 2018, and that he started again on the following November 7. It requires a sentence of 18 months in jail whose 12 farm.

the court followed these requisitionsbecause according to the president, “these facts are seriousat the limit of the organized gang “. This 38 year old maleresiding in Rouen, will serve his sentence with a electronic bracelet. He will have to pay €1,450 to all the victims.

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