A girl stops in the rain to pick up an abandoned dog

Dog; In Blumenau, in the Itajaí Valley, in Brazil, a young girl barely 12 years old came across an abandoned dog, exposed to all kinds of climatic hazards.

Cibely Luíza is the name of the student who cared about this dog left to fend for itself. So much so that she took off her sweater and put it on the animal’s body to the surprise of everyone who could see this action.

Cibely then decided to bring the dog home.

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A young girl stops in the rain to retrieve an abandoned dog

A passerby who saw the girl’s act decided to film the event and post it on social media. Thanks to this action, the life of Cibely has become more well known.

There are already pets in the girl’s house, so adopting another dog was a big decision. Despite this, Cibely’s parents made room for the new tenant to recover and then be taken in by another family.

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Cibely has an awareness that many people his age don’t yet have. On other occasions, she rescued stray dogs and even arranged for their adoption.

Here is the video:

Cibely’s parents are proud to have such a loving daughter. The family has two dogs in their care, which the young girl takes care of responsibly.

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