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A great name in law dies

Lawyer Francis Gervais is no longer... Source: Trivium website


Lawyer Francis Gervais is no longer… Source: Trivium website

“Sad news”; “tremendous sadness”; a man who inspired “great respect”. Reactions abound since the announcement of the death of Francis Gervaiswhich occurred suddenly on Friday afternoon.

Bâtonnier du Québec between 2001 and 2002, Me Gervais had held the title of lawyer emeritus since 2007. He had been a partner at Trivium since March 2019. However, he spent most of his career at Deveau, between July 1997 and 2019.

“Bâtonnier Gervais was a very talented lawyer and an extraordinary human being. He will have contributed to the advancement of law and society tirelessly and at every opportunity that presented itself to him,” recalls the Trivium team in a press release.

Died following a “malaise”, Francis Gervais leaves behind his wife Françoise and his children, Mathieu and Chantal.

With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Montreal, Me Gervais has dedicated his career to professional law, civil and commercial litigation, construction law, disciplinary law, banking law as well as insurance law and public and administrative law. and municipal.

It is thus without surprise that he found himself at the head of several organizations, including the Association of Provincial Lawyers in September 1996 and President of the Federation of the Professional Order of Lawyers of Canada, in addition to occupy the vice-presidency of the International Senate of the Bars of the International Union of Lawyers.

Chain reactions

The Barreau du Québec is one of the organizations to mourn the loss of Bâtonnier Gervais, admired by the professional order.


Source: Barreau du Québec / LinkedIn.

On a more intimate note, the lawyer Jean Prud’hommeassistant director of the legal affairs department at the City of Laval, expressed his personal affection for the man who introduced him to the legal profession.

“It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of my internship supervisor, the one who introduced me to the practice of law, Me Francis Gervais, a rigorous, fair man passionate about law. A great jurist has left us. »



Source: Jean Prud’homme / LinkedIn

Chanel Alepinof the Alepin Gauthier firm in Laval, also expressed her admiration for the man who was also president of Laval between 1993 and 1994.

” A great man. A great jurist. A pioneer of the Laval district and an expert in ethics. When Mr. Gervais spoke, we listened to him, regardless of our own way of seeing things. A bottom man. Our condolences to his family, loved ones, his cabinet, ”she said on Facebook on behalf of her cabinet.

“It was quite a shock to hear this sad news,” concludes Jean Lanctot. The president of Lanctôt Avocats rubbed shoulders with Me Gervais at the Bar School and at the International Union of Lawyers.

“Through his vivacity, his energy and his great skill, he will have left his mark on all those who had the pleasure of knowing him. »


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