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A hiker was bitten by a dog on the way to Saint-Jacques, in Saugues

In the Saugues sector, the wolf is not alone in occupying the land. A sexagenarian from Yssingel who was walking on the GR 65 was seriously bitten by a stray dog. The facts date back to August 19 on the outskirts of the hamlet of Roziers, in the Saugaine locality. The woman was injured in a leg by the dog left unattended in the immediate vicinity of its owner’s house.

She was transported to the Puy-en-Velay hospital center. A complaint was lodged with the gendarmerie services and a 3-day ITT issued.

The “surprised” owner

Another person following was also bitten. These attacks are reminiscent of the one that occurred four years ago, in Ramourouscle, commune of Bains, where a pack of canids attacked a hiker in northern France. This person had undertaken a pilgrimage with his little dog from the Pyrenees when he found himself trapped, face to face with wandering animals. The little dog had been killed.

Sheep attacks in Chanaleilles (Haute-Loire): “For me, no doubt, it’s the wolf”

The owner of the dogs said he was “surprised”, saying that they had never attacked anyone. However, some time later, the dogs were still in the wild, continuing to attack hikers. Elected officials seem powerless to stem this scourge of dogs on the loose.


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