A horse comforts and pushes on its shoulder a owner who mourns his divorce

Horse: Animals are often despised, because we think they don’t feel anything, that they are there to serve us and obey us. But more than that, despite the submissive attitude they may have towards us, they can show great love and feelings that we do not even imagine.

This story of the day is about a horse that saw its carer crying out loud and approached her to comfort her, so she could calm down.

A horse comforts its owner who mourns her divorce

This animal has shown a great ability to understand the sadness that flooded the soul of its owner at that time. Indeed, the horse approached her and offered her his shoulder to comfort her.

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“I was going through a divorce and moving out that day. […] I was hiding from my emotions and my horse Shiner felt it. He felt my pain and simply pulled me to his chest to let me cry and soothed me with his hugs. »

This was filmed because she always records her interaction with the animals at work, so she can observe and understand them a bit more. However, that day, she was very overwhelmed by her problems and couldn’t think of anything else, forgetting that she was recording herself.

Although it was a sad time for Shania, it gave the world a better understanding of the goodness of these living beings and helped her see that other beings care about her too. Ultimately, she is their caregiver and they understand that she does her best every day to keep them healthy and nourished.

By his gesture and his attitude, this horse gave an incredible and intelligent display of empathy. He even bothered to pat her back, he probably deserves every haystack available in this place for his kindness.

@lomunidadCaballo consolando a su cuidadora mientras lloraba por su divorcio♬ sonido original – Lomunidad

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