a lady and her dog run over while on the shoulder of the road, her life is not in danger

We know a little more about the accident that occurred this Tuesday evening rue de l’Invasion in Membach, in front of the Saint-Quirin chapel. According to police, the lady was walking on the shoulder with her dog when an oncoming driver rammed them.

“The driver came from Eupen. The lady was on the shoulder when the vehicle veered off course and hit her. It did not cross the road, ”we are told at the Pays de Herve police zone.

The 58-year-old lady lives in Baelen. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Eupen. His life was not considered to be in danger on Tuesday evening. However, the dog died on the spot.

As for the driver of the small white van, he is 30 years old. After hitting the lady and her dog, the van went into an embankment below and then came out a few meters further.

On social networks, several inhabitants of the village denounce the dangerous nature of the places and the too fast speed at which the cars pass.


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