a lawyer and a detainee caught in the middle of a sexual act at the central house of Saint-Martin-de-Ré

The facts took place on Friday July 30.

A lawyer and her client… caught having sex! A supervisor of the central house of Saint-Martin-de-Ré made a surprising discovery, Friday, July 30, while he was “patrolling” within the Citadel district, as reported South West . In fact, his arrival put an end to the part of legs in the air.

Quoted by our colleagues, the prison union of supervisors of the central house denounces this act – sexual exchanges are indeed prohibited in detention – and points to the risks of “contamination” in the midst of a health crisis.

What do the protagonists risk? The public prosecutor, Laurent Zuchowicz, will not initiate any proceedings because the facts are not criminal. On the side of the Charente-Maritime Bar Association, an investigation has been opened with a view to disciplinary proceedings, details South West. The lawyer risks a summons before the Regional Disciplinary Council: the sanction can range from reprimand to removal from the bar. The detainee should go before a disciplinary commission within the central house.

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