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A lawyer forced to appear despite fragile health

Me Stephane Harvey.  Source: Blanchard Avocats Inc. website.


Me Stephane Harvey. Source: Blanchard Avocats Inc. website.

Me Stephane Harvey failed, Monday evening, with its request for remission. He who must respond to charges, including having collected sums from a client trust account.

The request for postponement of the hearings relates to the two motions for a stay of proceedings and of Bene Esse for file 06-21-0333 explained in detail in an article published last Friday in Droit-inc.

When applying for a discount on Monday evening around 5:30 p.m., a health specialist, Dr. Mario Giroux explained that having Me Harvey testify in the evening was “torture”.

The orthopedist mentioned having evaluated Mr. Harvey to detect in his patient a slight cranial trauma which “prevents him from concentrating”.

He added that “intellectual work is difficult at the end of the day”. Note that these hearings are held from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The health professional clarified that Mr. Harvey is physically and mentally fit to appear during the day. “He is able to do his days, but in the afternoon he has to take a nap. It is the prolonged labor that becomes difficult”.

A health problem that arose following an accident while Stéphane Harvey was carrying out work on his residence, in 2021. “He received a log on his head. When he came to see me, he still had bruises and the injury was visible. Since then, his situation has improved, but he remains fragile”.

Tight cross-examination

Me Nathalie Lavoiethe syndic ad hoc, cross-examined the witness at length, pointing out that he did not know Me Harvey’s workload when he gave him a medical paper.

Me Lavoie also pointed out that Me Harvey had already given legal advice to Dr. Giroux involved in a private lawsuit, free of charge.

Nathalie Lavoie.  Source: BFC Avocats website


Nathalie Lavoie. Source: BFC Avocats website

“If you think I stretched the rubber band, I say no. More than 30% of the population have long-term sequelae after having been the victim of a head trauma,” replied Dr. Giroux, visibly disturbed by Me Lavoie’s “insinuating” questions.

Despite the testimony of this professional, often recognized as an expert by a Court, the request for postponement was rejected by the board, chaired by Jean-Guy Légaré.

Me Stéphane Harvey will therefore introduce himself this evening to explain why the hearings must be held during the day.

“It will be difficult, but I will be there. We are playing with my health”, he confided to Droit-inc, a few hours before the resumption of the hearings, at 5 p.m.


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