A lioness adopts a small leopard and takes care of it as if it were her own, sublime!

Such behaviors are quite “strange” for feline experts, who claimed this case was one of nature’s rarest cases of cross-species adoption, and the only one documented between two species of cats that are usually crossbreeds. inbred competitors.

This type of behavior, according to cat specialists, is one of the rarest in cross-species wild adoption.

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A lioness adopts a leopard cub and takes care of it as if it were her own

This unusual event took place in the Gir National Park, located in the state of Gujarat, where the animals live in a very natural environment, protected and surrounded by natural and wild flora.

The mother lioness was in the company of her cubs, but the strangest thing was to see a cub that was not of its own species.

leopard cub, two months old, had furry ears and completely blue eyes.

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“The mother lion treated him like he was one of her babies. She licked it, fed it and gave it the meat that she hunted herself”.

The lioness took care of him as if he were one of her own”. Expert Dr Chakrabarti also said the other bear cubs were not jealous and even played with him.

Unfortunately, the leopard cub lost his life due to a femoral hernia he had since the day he was born. Dr. Chakrabarti said : “It would have been fantastic to see, when the leopard cub grew up, how things would have turned out.”

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A University of Minnesota postdoctoral researcher noted that these two cat species “don’t get along very well” and often fight over food and territory. According to an interview given by Stotra Chakrabarti to the New York Times, they are in “perpetual disagreement”.

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