A major food crisis is looming according to Modef

Since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, France has been faced with shortages, reviving the debate around food autonomy. © Cédric Faimali/GFA

The union is sounding the alarm, as the number of countries in a food crisis continues to increase, even extending to France. In order to guarantee the country’s food sovereignty, it makes several demands in a press release issued on June 8, 2022.

the mod concerned about the situation of food crisis which is beginning to affect certain countries, including France. According to the union, a major food crisis is looming, it explains in a press release issued on June 8, 2022.

A weakened food autonomy

“The situation is already catastrophic in some countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia. The situation is also spreading to West Africa, reports Modef. France is beginning to be affected by shortages such as sunflower oil. In France, 8 million people have recourse to food aid. »

According to the union, thefood autonomy of the country is “very fragile”, at a time when France imports 20% of its food consumption. France’s dependence on imports even reaches more than 50% for certain agricultural products such as fruit and vegetables. Thus, “less than one fruit in three consumed is of French origin” and “about 40% of the vegetable proteins consumed in France are imported”, specifies Modef.

In addition, “between a third and 40% of French poultry consumption is imported, compared to 13% in 2000”, “more than half of the beef sold in collective catering is imported” and “56% of sheepmeat consumed is imported from Anglo-Saxon countries”, according to union figures.

Claims to guarantee food sovereignty

Consequently, Modef reminded the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty on May 30, 2022 that “the food sovereignty must become a basic universal principle of the agricultural policies of each nation or group of States in order to guarantee the people healthy and quality food, and the peasants, a fair remuneration for their work”.

To guarantee the country’s food sovereignty, it therefore demands:

  • The establishment of a minimum price guaranteed by the State in order to remunerate the work of the peasants,
  • The blocking of the GNR at one euro,
  • Supervision of supermarket margins through the multiplier coefficient,
  • 100% consumption of French products in collective catering,
  • Develop the production of fruits and vegetables on our territory,
  • Redevelop the production of quality poultry and maintain French breeding,
  • A protein crop support policy to feed our farms,
  • The ban on imports that do not comply with French standards,
  • The creation of a real food fund that could support the reconstitution of real food stocks to meet the needs at community level,
  • Freezing of prices throughout the production chain for a period of six months.

In addition, the union calls for “financial support for family farming whose growth has been shown to be two to four times more effective in reducing hunger and poverty”.

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