A man decides to abandon his dog because she is too affectionate

A man decides to abandon his dog because she is too affectionate

Some abandon their animal because it does not like children, other humans or does not get along with other animals in the house… Others abandon because it is “too affectionate”.

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from anxiety, or need more affection than others. Unfortunately, some owners find this need for affection too much to handle, if not impossible to live with.

A lack of attention?

This is the case of the owner of Jubilee. Jubilee constantly sought contact with her human. She followed him everywhere, wanted to be on his lap as soon as he sat down, etc… A real ball of love!
But this “excess” need for affection would have made the dog destructive, which is why the owner brought her back to the shelter. He claimed that this constant need for attention was due to anxiety, anxiety that made daily life too much to handle.

Jubilee allegedly destroyed part of her sofa and part of the skirting board.

Back to square one…

Although this decision is sad for the young dog, the volunteers of the “Montgomery County Shelter” in Texas were relieved to see her return. On the one hand, it was a good thing that Jubliee was returned if she was unwanted. This situation was better for the well-being of the puppy, who could have ended up mistreated in his family.

Many people adopt dogs without understanding that these animals are extremely social beings, who have a strong need to interact with intra- and inter-specific congeners.
Even more when it comes to a puppy, who is constantly in need of discovering his environment.
A dog is not a stuffed animal that will lie for hours in a corner of the house, putting its life on hold while we deny it any attention.

Jubilee’s anxiety may have stemmed from a lack of attention, and her destructive behaviors were likely related to boredom and a lack of freedom.

… but not for long !

The shelter shared Jubliee’s story, and netizens fell in love with the “sticky” dog.
Fortunately, Jubilee only spent one day at the shelter before a family adopted her.
Jubilee now has a stable home, is surrounded by loving people, and even has a new furry friend (their dog named Abby)!
Aware of her anxiety issues, the family brought in an educator/behaviourist, who will help Jubilee work through her anxiety problem.

We wish Jubilee all the love and happiness she deserves…!

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