A man discovers 3 orphaned 15-day-old kittens protected by… their 6-week-old big brother

It is not uncommon for associations to be entrusted with orphan kittens. But that a man reports that a big brother took care of them body and soul is a little more! This little being, only 6 weeks old, has shown great responsibility and unparalleled courage.

An individual made a very surprising discovery not far from his place of residence in Kansas Cityin the State of Missouri to United States. Indeed, 3 newly born kittens were alone in the middle of nature and at their side, a specimen of about 6 weeks old took care of them. “as he could”. It kept them warm and protected them from the unknown.

The good Samaritan waited several hours in the hope of seeing their mother reappear, in vain. Aware that the babies needed to be fed regularly, he contacted the local association KC Pet Project which helps animals in need. “The person who found them told us he was taking care of babies, and we think that’s the cutest thing ever”shared the shelter on a Facebook post.



All the babies have been fed. The oldest, called Binx by the rescuers, received a good meal of wet food. The 3 smallest, about 2 weeks old, of the males named Ollie, Frankie and Ziggywere fed with bottles of infant milk for cats.

Their health was good, so they were placed together with a foster family. “They all went to the same loving home. How could we separate them”told Tori Fugatespokesperson for KC Pet Project to Huffpost.

Illustration of the article: A man discovers 3 orphaned 15-day-old kittens protected by… their 6-week-old big brother
KC Pet Project

No one can say if Binx and his brothers are from the same mother. Anyway, they are still inseparable today. They grow up at lightning speed and give their adoptive mother a hard time.

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Their mischievous little personality is indeed beginning to show the tip of its nose. Binx will be offered for adoption before Ollie, Frankie and Ziggy. He must first be identified, sterilized and vaccinated.


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