A man finds seven abandoned puppies on an uninhabited island and saves them

Junior Cook was exploring the waters off a small Canadian island near Cross Keys, Manitoba, unaware that he would be part of an incredible rescue. While sailing, he and his friend and companion heard several strange noises coming from the small island, believed to be uninhabited.

Knowing the island was abandoned, they did not lend a lot pay attention to what happened, but the matter was on Junior’s mind and he decided to come back the next day.


Concerned about the incident, Junior thought the sounds might be the screams of someone in need of help, so he wanted to investigate further.

Seven puppies rescued on the island

When he arrived on the scene, Junior couldn’t believe his eyes: seven abandoned puppies were crying and running around the island in distress.

The man wanted to help them, he couldn’t just leave them thereSo he contacted local animal rescue organization Manitoba Animal Alliance, which rescues animals and transports them to local shelters and others to find them forever homes.


Luckily for the puppies, this organization decided to help with the rescue and was ready to lend all its expertise to save them.

The group wrote on Facebook:

“This is not an isolated case, it happens daily in Manitoba and around the world. »

At first Junior and his friend thought the noises were from wolves, but luckily he decided to return to the island to check what was going on.


Deb Vandekerkhove, director of the rescue centertold CBC:

“He and his friend were out and it was already getting dark, and they heard noises on the island. They took their binoculars and couldn’t see anything but some dark shadows, and they heard a lot of crying. At first they thought it was wolves. »

Although the organization is willing to help in a timely manner, arranging transport for this particular case turned out to be more complicated than they thought. So they decided to deliver food parcels to feed the dogs during the next daystime to find a way to get them out of the island.

Junior continued to help throughout the rescue process and even carried food parcels to the puppies daily.


The little ones were on the verge of death and were so hungry that on the first day they ate whole blocks of food.

Although the dogs are quite shy and move away as soon as they see Junior’s boat, this has changed over the days and they have become friendlier. Eventually, the puppies were rescued from the island and traveled 330 miles to Winnipeg, where they were cared for by the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter.


Deb says:

“We called them the crew of Gilligan’s Island: four boys and three girls. »

The puppies were named after characters from the popular 1960s TV show, Gilligan’s Island. Although it took some time to figure out each one’s personality, they were named as follows: Skipper, Gilligan, Mary-Anne, the Professor, Ginger, Lovey, and Mr. Howell.

Although finally safe, the puppies still needed immediate medical attention to address the health issues they were suffering from.

Deb then clarifies:

“They received medical treatment for fleas, tapeworm and malnutrition. When they are healthy, they will be offered for adoption. »

After several days of treatment, the puppies overcame all their health issues and were ready to be adopted and find a home. forever home.

Many people came forward to be potential adopters, so Junior and his friend Bobby wanted to go to the shelter to say goodbye to the seven puppies before they went to their forever homes.

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