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A man goes after his dog with an axe, horror scene: the result is shocking

It’s the kind of story that makes us wonder about human nature. This poor dog was beaten with an ax by his own master. Fortunately, the poor beast came across people who were able to save her.

A man beats his dog

It is always said that dogs are man’s best friend. It doesn’t matter who we are or what our social rank is, these four-legged animals love us as we are. Unfortunately, some people still end up mistreating them. A horror that took place in Toulouse is proof of this.

This Saturday August 6, 2022, Liam’s master took him to a wood in Haute-Garonne. According to witnesses, the man had shouted that day that he was going toget rid of your dog. Once arrived at the indicated place, the owner went after the poor beast. Using an axe, the man had hit his dog several times. He had notably struck him in the skull as well as in the muzzle.

After doing this act of barbarism, the man left and left Liam in agony. Brave, the dog survived his injuries. After its owner left, the animal took refuge in a nearby barn before anyone noticed it. He was then taken to the vet.

The dog was operated

After examining the beaten dog, the vet claims Liam had numerous skull bones and broken sinuses. The dog, between life and death, also presented gashes on the body. Therefore, the animal had to undergo an operation. Fortunately, thanks to the veterinarian, but also his strength and courage, the dog was able to survive.

Faced with this act of abuse, “The 4 pattounes” didn’t sit idly by. As La Dépêche revealed, this association filed a complaint against Liam’s owner for “act of abuse and cruelty”.

Note that the authorities have found the person responsible for this act. We got him into the psychiatric ER ASAP. The dog’s master may incur up to three years in prison. He should also pay up to 45,000 euros in fines because of what he did.

Unfortunately, Liam is not the first animal to have been mistreated by humans. Some time ago, similar reasons led to the arrest of kennel owners in Wavrin, near Lille.

Family arrested for animal abuse

In total, they were 5, all belonging to the same family. The public prosecutor of Lille affirmed that this clan is suspected of “mistreatment and serious abuse of animals”. It’s Wednesday, April 20, 2022, during a huge operationthat the investigators discovered what was going on in this kennel.

The 122 dogs that were in this place lived in “toddlers” boxes. A small space that was notably covered in fleas and excrement. Their water bowls were emptymeaning the dogs didn’t have to drink.

If normally, we give kibble to feed dogs, this kennel gave meat waste stored at room temperature instead. It is for this reason that these animals have worms and parasites in their organism. On top of all this, it was also discovered that dogs suffered acts of torture.

It is suspected, in fact, that this family killed some of these animals by hanging. A horrible act they would tend to do when these poor beasts couldn’t keep up with workouts. It sends shivers down the spine. Note that a freezer contained a lifeless animal. And that, in a searched house.

The animal showed evidence of a “severe head trauma”. animal abuse is a crime in France. Unfortunately, there are still many cases every year. Of course, this must not go unpunished.

Thereby, we strongly invite you to react if you see a person beating, abandoning or throwing their pet. To do this, you must report the SPA by filling out forms. They will then contact you to complete your report. Please note that your identity will remain anonymous.

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