A man is fined nearly 10,500 euros for shooting a gun at a hunting dog

The facts took place on October 21, 2019. Patrick Alexandre and his dog Jessie were in the woods hunting when a man deliberately shot her. The court delivered its judgment in July 2022.

patrick alexander lives at Saint-Marc-du-lac-long in the Temiscouata to Canada with his 3 hunting dogs. On October 21, 2019, the man and his dog jessie were chasing a big game.

The dog, who was not kept on a leash, left in front of her hearth in search of a track. At the moment, patrick heard tires screeching from an all-terrain vehicle and then several gunshots.

Even more worrying, if the barking of jessie were audible at several meters until then, this was no longer the case. patrick therefore set out to find his faithful hunting companion. He found her a few minutes later lying on the ground. She was hit by 2 bullets in her legs.

patrick consequently drove Jessie in a hurry to the veterinary clinic. Which operated on her as soon as possible. Several months of convalescence (and several medical appointments) were necessary for the young dog to fully recover.

A complaint and a conviction

patrick alexander filed a complaint with the local police. He wanted the shooter to be punished for his actions and to free himself from the veterinary costs of the unfortunate woman as well as from the financial losses caused by the forced rest days of his master to watch over her.

At trial, the offender explained that he thought the canine was wild and that he was aiming at the game that was next to him.

The jurors were not convinced by the defendant’s allegations. Whether patrick alexander claimed the sum of 15,000 euros in damages, the court assigned a fine of nearly 10,500 euros, because jessie was not on a leash.

The man is still satisfied with the sanction and is determined to forget all this story to take full advantage of his 3 doggies.

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