A man plays the guitar, his cat imitates him and they sing together a tender ballad

A viral video has been shared on Youtube which shows the funny moment when a cat joins in his master’s performance when he wants to imitate his “meows”.

A viral video shared on Youtube has caused thousands of laughs among users as it captured the exact moment a cat joined its master’s performance after hearing his “meows”.

A young boy was enjoying his day off with his loved ones at home. Suddenly he had a brilliant idea and grabbed his guitar to play a romantic song, not imagining that his beloved pet would try to imitate him in a unique way, which caused a stir on Youtube and other social networks.

A man plays the guitar, his cat imitates him and they sing together a tender ballad

As can be seen in the Youtube images, the cat woke up and approached the young man. When he heard the unique sounds he made, he pretended to copy the cat’s meows. Great was his surprise, when he realized that the cunning animal was imitating his master and began to sing the “ballad”. Both appeared to be putting on a show in the backyard of their home.

The little feline remained seated and was attentive to the performance of its master, who was playing the musical instrument. With loud noises, they showed off their talent and entertained their impromptu audience.

These images were posted on a Youtube channel where they got over 150,000 shares and quickly became a trend. Many users couldn’t contain their laughter due to this funny cat scene and some felt identified with their pet.

And now you might be wondering: What music do cats like?

These little felines have a much more developed sense of hearing than humans and perceive sounds and tones that we do not notice. Maybe that’s why the music you usually listen to isn’t ideal for your cat.

According to a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, cats are more interested in a style of music composed especially for them. Through their research, they have found a tone and a tempo that they like. As a result, a large amount of music created specifically for cats began to emerge. It works very well, especially with stress and anxiety.

If you want to relax them, you can also use traditional classical music, which will have a very satisfying result! It’s a type of music that calms them down and even puts them to sleep.

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