A man puts his dog in a suitcase and abandons it in a taxi… with precise instructions to take care of it!

Meals, hours of outings, care… A taxi customer left his dog locked in a suitcase with an exhaustive list to… take good care of the animal!

The story is not trivial and moved as far as Europe. This July 27, in Bogota (Colombia), a man entered a taxi with a suitcase. A few moments later, he came out to withdraw some money. But the taxi driver never saw the man again, who had left his suitcase in the vehicle.

After an hour of waiting, the taxi driver decided to leave. Before that, he opened the suitcase that contained… a dog.

In the suitcase, there was also a very complete list of the care to be given to the animal. Thus, the dog’s owner indicated that he had to clean his paws after each outing, feed him every morning if there was no more food in his bowl or never remove his leash when out. Giving water, playing with his hands, being careful with the doors and mixing the food well on Saturday with kibble were other instructions given by the unscrupulous owner of the animal.

The latter also gave very specific exit times: 5:30 a.m., 10 a.m., 2 p.m., 8:30 p.m.

It was on his Facebook account that the taxi driver shared his story indicating that he was going to keep the dog if the owner did not come to pick him up.

The story has of course gone viral while the circumstances that led the owner of the dog, visibly attentive until then, to commit this gesture are unknown.

The dog has become the mascot of taxis in northern Bogota, which regularly publish posts on social networks. A surge of solidarity has even been set up and helps the taxi driver to take care of the animal which has a new name: Toby Taxista!

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