A man scoops water from a tap with his hands to give a stray dog ​​a drink

Dogs and cats are the most common cases of abandonment, which can be seen every day in different parts of the world, and therefore it is practically impossible to adopt them all to save them from this reality.

Unfortunately, not everyone can have a pet at home due to certain rules they have to follow or because they don’t have the resources to get a bigger space, but the little things are just as important. important.

Examples such as giving food to a stray animal, take it in, taking him to a shelter or calling for help are just as valid as adoption. This was demonstrated by an unknown man, appearing in a video circulating on social media, where he is seen giving water directly from his hands to a stray puppy.

A man scoops water from a tap with his hands to give a stray dog ​​a drink

Turkish businessman Tansu Yeğen shared the footage on his Twitter account, where the man can be seen, reunited with other people, fetching water from a public tap and giving it to the dog , which seemed thirsty and begged with its front paws.

The man clasped his hands to collect water and carefully brought it to the dog to don’t fall to the ground.

It didn’t take long for the dog to drink the water he was holding in his hands, so the man got up to take some more. Another person present turned on the tap, which allowed him to scoop more into his hands to hydrate the thirsty animal.

“Animal lovers are people of generous spirit, with a lot of empathy, sentimentality and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky”wrote Tansu on Twitter, quoting American writer and journalist John Grogan.

Watch the moment below.

Twitter users appreciated the gesture of the man who devoted part of his time to helping a small dog in need. “It’s always very special when people help animals, even if it’s just to help them drink,” one said in the post, which garnered 103,000 likes. “God bless this man” commented a user.

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