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a mandatory “certificate of commitment” from this Saturday

Adopting a pet is not easy. To combat abandonment, a provision of the Animal Cruelty Act (adopted in November 2021) will come into force on Saturday 1 October. For any adoption, it will now be necessary to sign a “certificate of commitment and knowledge”, the document will be mandatory in pet shops, breeding, shelters and for adoptions between individuals, for dogs, cats or rabbits, but also for the adoption of horses on a non-professional basis.

Combating impulse buying

This certificate, which should make it possible to combat impulse buying, reminds us that an adoption is not a trivial act. The document specifies the animals’ needs for each speciesthe obligations with which the holder must comply with regard to the identification of the animal and the financial and logistical consequences of the purchase : food and vet expenses for example, or even the essential organization to have your animal looked after during the holidays. This document must be signed a week before the adoption to give the future owner time to reflect.

In case of non-compliance with this new rule, no sanction is currently foreseen. “An upcoming decree will specify them”, writes on its website the Ministry of Agriculture, also responsible for animal welfare. Every second French person owns an animal, but every year around 100,000 animals are abandoned.

Below you will find an example of a certificate for the adoption of a dog or a cat, developed by the National Syndicate of the professions of the dog and the cat.

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