A miracle food to relieve pollen allergy?

If you have the habit, before leaving for work, of bringing a packet of tissues at the approach of spring, of buying a syrup or of avoiding too much make-up, you certainly suffer from allergies. to pollen. Although we know about medication and rightly it helps us, many are looking for a more natural solution to deal with it, whether it is through medicinal herbs or essential oils, everything is good to relieve us. However, their risky effectiveness is not always satisfactory… What if the miracle cure was actually in your kitchen?


Pollen is a very fine powder produced by nature, it is found in trees as well as in flowers, plants or even in good or bad grass. It is mainly used to fertilize other plants of the same species in order to increase their presence and it is also one of the most common causes of allergy!

When we breathe, we inhale many particles that our immune system has to sort through. Unfortunately, this is sometimes faulty and will then mistakenly identify certain particles as dangerous. And sometimes it’s the pollen that he identifies as such. It will then create chemical substances including histamine to fight the intruder and it is at this time that the allergic reaction will be created.


Several symptoms should be noted, such as runny nose, scratchy throat or watery eyes. Be careful however, pollen allergy and hay fever do not always manifest themselves in the same way from one person to another. Indeed, different pollens wander through the air throughout the year! Therefore, it is better to go to a doctor so that he does what is necessary to find out what type of pollen you are allergic to. In this way, you will be able to identify the periods when your allergy is more increased and consequently, treat yourself and protect yourself from this.


And if despite all your precautions, you still suffer from allergies, a new natural solution could in any case relieve your symptoms. It is found in our food, more specifically in citrus fruits. Lime or yellow, it doesn’t matter the color since it is its high concentration of vitamin C that interests us. This helps block the secretion of histamine, responsible for our allergy. But beware, it is also very fragile since it loses its content as soon as the food is cut. Therefore, it is advisable to squeeze the juice! Luckily, lemon is a fruit that can be found all year round, and of course, mixing it with other fruits, citrus fruits or not, will not diminish its effect, so get to your cocktails!

Photo by Vladimir Gladkov on Unsplash

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