A month after a dog ran away in an accident, the volunteers launched in search of him are surprised while inspecting their trap cages

Not found since a road accident in June, a Sheltie concentrated the efforts of several volunteers, who notably installed trap cages filled with dog food. A month later, luck smiled on them.

A dog has been found and brought back to his family after running away for a month following a terrible road accident. A story told by WSAZ Thursday, July 14.

Murphya one-year-old Shetland Sheepdog, accompanied his owner Jillian Sandefur by car on June 12th. That day, they had taken the road to return home to the state of Indiana. They were still in West Virginia, between the counties of mason and of Putnamwhen the accident happened on the highway US 35.

Illustration of the article: A month after the runaway of a dog during an accident, the volunteers launched in search of him are surprised while inspecting their cage traps

We got a call that night that no parent would want to receive. “, recount Jeffthe father of Jillian Sandefur. According to the latter, the vehicle rolled over 3 times before coming to a stop, in an area where accidents are frequent. The young woman was unconscious when Murphy escaped.

She looked for him there for days, before resolving, heartbroken, to return to Indiana. However, local volunteers took over, including Becky Randolph. They set up cage traps with the canine’s favorite food, hoping to lure it into one.

“She was going to bed in tears”

Military member of the US National Guard and soon to take part in a deployment, Jillian Sandefur was inconsolable. “She went to bed in tears every night “says his father.

Fortunately, things ended up taking a positive turn. Becky Randolph came across dog paw prints leading her up a hill. There, a month after her disappearance, she found Murphy in the trap cage. He was starved, but unharmed.

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Other volunteers took him to the vet for a precautionary examination. They even took care of driving the dog to his mistress, whom he must find today.


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