A Montrealer accused of sexually abusing his dog

A Montreal man accused of child pornography and bestiality on his dog has been arrested again for illegally walking another pitou, as well as for trying to bring children to the zoo.

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“He failed, without lawful excuse, to comply with a prohibition against being in the presence or in contact with a dog”, can we read in the charges filed last week against Manuel Luis, at the Montreal courthouse .

Luis is a locksmith from Montreal North who was caught for the first time in 2019 following a report from the American authorities concerning a consumer of child pornography. Investigators were able to trace the 51-year-old man, who was quickly arrested.


However, while searching his computer equipment, the Montreal police would have discovered that in addition to illegal images of abused children, Luis also photographed himself sexually assaulting his dog nicknamed “Lucky”.

Accused of having possessed and transmitted child pornography as well as bestiality, the Montrealer had however managed to obtain his release pending his trial. Among his conditions, he was strictly forbidden to approach both children and dogs.

However, he seems to have been unable to stand on his own since on July 6, the police would have seen him walking another canine on a leash. And right after, he would have been seen going to a woman, to then come out with two young children.

At the zoo

He was preparing at that time to get them into his vehicle to take them for a ride to Parc Safari, according to what he was allowed to learn.

The police immediately arrested Luis. Detained since, Manuel Luis hopes to be released again under conditions.

“We are in discussions with the wife of Mr. Luis in order to offer guarantees to the court”, explained to the court his lawyer, Michael Morena, after the Crown objected to Luis being released.

So far, there is no indication that Luis sexually assaulted the animal he was walking last week.

Luis was due to stand trial next December. The case will return to court on Thursday.

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