A mother cat asks to be followed and leads her rescuers to a vacant lot where her kittens are.

There is no doubt that mothers would do anything for their children, and this time we will see, but from the side of the animal kingdom. Indeed, a cat was determined to save her young and led rescuers to the exact spot where her babies were.

catrescue901 rescuers received a call from someone who heard a cat crying in a vacant lot in New South Wales, Australia. Rescuers immediately rushed to the scene to find the cat.

When they arrived at the scene, they saw a cat come out of the vacant lot and start crying. The rescuers did not fully understand the reason for her crying.

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The cat was screaming to be followed.

Seconds after seeing that the cat was crying and behaving strangely, the rescuers realized that the cat wanted to be followed into the wasteland. Following her, they realized that her kittens were in the middle of the area.

The little ones were completely abandoned. The cats were in deplorable conditions and had several health problems. This was all due to the conditions in which they were kept.

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After attracting the attention of rescuers, the mother had managed to have her kittens rescued by people who would seek to give them a better future.

They were taken, along with the cat, to a safe place: the little ones were bathed, fed and placed in a comfortable place so that they could rest properly. They also received the necessary medicines and vaccines. The mother was sterilized and also received all the necessary care.

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The cats were getting better every day and their condition was stable. But there was still a long way to go, the state of the cats was not ideal for adoption, at least at that time.

Recovery is still ongoing and the little felines, once left to fend for themselves in a wasteland, are just waiting to make a full recovery so they can be offered for adoption. This was all achieved thanks to their mother who decided to seek help for her abandoned kittens.

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What to do when rescuing a stray cat or a cat and her kittens?

It is more than likely that the cat will not approach you. It’s completely natural. To break the ice and make him understand that he has nothing to fear from you, you can resort to food.

  • Act quickly and take him to the vet.

With the proliferation of dirt and pathogens populating the streets, your new friend may need an external dewormer, and an internal dewormer for ingesting contaminated or spoiled food.

  • Find temporary accommodation

Once certified healthy (or steps have been taken to ensure that it is), your rescued cat will need to rest and recover. The best and most comfortable option is to take them home.

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