A Mutilated Kitten Is Starting A New Life Today Thanks To Her Rescuer

For some unknown reason, a man went after a litter of kittens and mutilated one of them. The feline was found crying, but still alive.

In the county ofHawkins, the authorities have been contacted for a serious case of a mutilated kitten. Sheriff’s Deputy, Dustin Winter, went to the emergency site, and discovered with amazement that the kitten had survived. He then did everything to save her life.

The kitten was the victim of an act of pure malevolence

Megan Carver is the person who called the sheriff’s officeHawkins. The 27-year-old used to care for and feed stray cats near her home. At the time when the facts took place, she was taking care of two cat mothers who had a litter during the year. The latest dating from the end of April.

The tragedy occurred on Friday June 17, in the middle of the night, around 2:15 a.m. A little later, when Derekthe fiancé of Megan came home, he found the kitten sitting outside their garage, crying. Derek immediately saw that something was wrong. The two-month-old kitten had one leg missing and another partially severed. But the blood was already dry and no longer flowing.

Also, all the rest of the litter was missing, but three were found the following Monday.

The wounds were eerily sharp

What challenged Derek, is that the cat’s cuts were clean and smooth. “Jwas brought up in the countryside. […] I saw many animal attacks, and I saw animal bites. Common sense tells you that when a tooth bites into something like that, it would be jagged, it would be torn, there would be torn flesh, and there was none. It was very clear, and very unsettling to watch”, he said in words reported by Times News.

Derek then viewed the CCTV footage. On the recording, he singled out a man throwing something. He then decided to contact the sheriff’s office.

Dustin Winter took care of the injured animal

Sheriff’s Deputy, Dustin Winter, went there. He took the couple’s complaint, but was mostly surprised to find that the kitten had survived. Shocked, and very touched, he decided to do everything to save the animal.

Dustin took the kitten to a shelter, where vets cleaned her wounds. Grateful, the kitten purred as she drank milk from the syringe. The baby was then taken to hospital and is still there at the moment. He is off the hook, but may have to have his partially severed leg amputated.

The kitten was named Dustinin reference to the man who saved his life.

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