A mysterious ‘dog man’ photographed in Texas



The photo of a strange dog-headed bipedal creature is causing a stir on social media. But if its success is indisputable, its authenticity is much less so.

Of course, a photo is never proof, but it can be an open door to a dream… or a nightmare. This is the case of this disturbing cliché that has been circulating for a few days on Reddit and other social networks. Shared by a certain Segu1n on Reddit, we can clearly see, probably too clearly, a bipedal creature with a very canine appearance. In short, a werewolf or more precisely its American version, the Dogman, hero of a legend with dubious origins, originally popular in the State of Michigan and Wisconsin and which has since spread throughout the States -United.

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According to Segu1n, the photo was taken by a fixed camera placed in front of the gates of the zoo in Amarillo, Texas, on the night of May 22, 2022, as indicated by the data included in the image. The Internet user ensures that the photo was initially published in a private Facebook group bringing together zookeepers who share their experiences. The keeper who posted the image specifies that the fence is almost 2.5 meters high, which gives a rough idea of ​​the size of the creature.

What’s next after this ad

As you can imagine, the photo has sparked a lively debate between skeptics and the convinced with a clear monetary advantage for the former: in addition to the most obvious hypothesis that it is a simple trick, others are looking an alternative explanation. Is it a real dog trained on its hind legs? An optical illusion caused by a bush or shrub? Or a joker in a disguise? For the moment, there is no reason to favor one opinion over another.

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