a mysterious wallaby found after several hours on the run

After several reports, the animal was finally found this Thursday afternoon. The gendarmes do not know where it comes from, or to whom it belongs.

Hours of research to find a somewhat special fugitive. A wandering wallaby – a species of kangaroo – was found this Thursday afternoon in the Gard, reports Free lunch. The gendarmerie had received since the morning several reports of motorists who had crossed the road of a kangaroo in the sector of Tresques.

Witnesses described a “frightened” animal. Injured in the leg and agitated, he was able to be recovered thanks to the firefighters of Sdis30 who administered a sleeping pill to him, specify our colleagues.

Its owner has not been identified.

Where is he from? Who owns it? Many questions still remain unanswered regarding its origin. The operational center of Nîmes details with the daily newspaper of the South-West that the elected officials of the surrounding municipalities have been warned, but that no owner has so far manifested.

In France, the keeping of this animal originating from Australia is subject to a declaration to the prefecture.

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