A new adventure begins for Emmanuelle, who opens her restaurant in the Cotentin

Emmanuelle Léonard and her daughter Pauline opened the restaurant “Purée de Pois”. (©La Presse de la Manche)

This Tuesday, June 21, 2022, the restaurant “Purée de Pois” first opened its doors after eight months of workat Beaumont-Hague (delegated municipality of The HagueSleeve).

A new professional adventure starts for Emmanuelle Léonard who, after running the beach snack bar “Le Cabaléo” in Sciotot for six years, has just create this new catering space and furnished with great taste giving it a warm and family retro side.

“We cook for you to take away” at 38 rue Jallot.
“We cook for you to take away” at 38 rue Jallot.

Menu, vegetarian salads and pies, desserts

“We wanted to have our own place and we looked a little to the right and to the left. Then the opportunity arrived when we came to Beaumont-Hague and there with my husband, we said to ourselves banco ”, indicates Emmanuelle Léonard. A little less stress but also a professional life over the year and no longer seasonal were also in the ideas for Emmanuelle Léonard in this change of life.

What a change in this former bakery located at 38 rue Jallot where everything has been redone and modified from floor to ceiling for a transformation into a restaurant on site or to take away in daily menu, salads, pies and desserts.

A friendly atmosphere

Emmanuelle Léonard, accompanied by Pauline and Laura, is in the kitchen and at the service in a friendly and gentle atmosphere for beautiful delicacies of the day and desserts.

“Everything is homemade with fresh, local products, both in classic and vegetarian menus. »

Emmanuelle Leonard

For the opening, it was chicken with tarragon with patées, pancakes and vegetable pies, salads and orrechiette pasta with a farandole of homemade desserts. A second-hand decoration has been thought out and staged with delicacy and originality. “A big thank you to our two François for all of our work. It was a lot of work but we are very happy with the result. »

A perfect name

The furniture was found here and there then revisited and reworked. “The bench comes from of the theater cafe. It was there 30 years ago that I met my husband. This decoration has plenty of stories to tell and the menus are full of flavors and delights.

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Previously, the name “Cabaléo” in Sciotot came from “cabin des Léonard”, contracted, which sounded good. And why the name “Purée de Pois”? “One day while coming to Beaumont with my husband Philippe, there was an impossible fog, we looked at each other and said what a pea puree. The name was found. »

38 rue Jallot. Tuesday to Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Such. : 02 33 95 92 96.

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