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A paralyzed cat from behind becomes a star on social networks thanks to her zest for life (video)

Aoife is a lifelong paralyzed young alley cat who doesn’t care about her disability. Its owners wanted to share its life on the Internet in order to make the community aware of the fact that a feline with specific needs can still be very happy.

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Sabrina deMatteo and her husband james have adopted Aoife in November 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic. The poor little girl, then 2 weeks old, had been rescued from the engine compartment of a vehicle.

His mother and siblings have not been located nearby. She therefore found herself alone in a shelter with a severe handicap.

The couple were trained by the foster family ofAoife to learn how to support themselves.

Aoife cannot use its 2 hind legs, but still manages to move around by crawling. She must wear a diaper and her masters must manually empty her bladder and bowels daily.

Otherwise, sabrina and james have arranged their home so that she can wander wherever she pleases without being stopped by the stairs and eat comfortably on a table provided for this purpose.

“Aoife has a hilarious, fun and feisty personality, and she is definitely the boss of our 5 cats at home”said sabrina to New York Post.

An Instagram account to play down disability

sabrina and james wished to share with the whole world the existence ofAoife to demonstrate that a disabled cat can have a fulfilling life.

“Aoife is not in pain, she is very happy. Just watch the videos to see it. Thanks to the images, people have also been able to observe how much she is loved and well cared for. His needs may be different from those of other cats, but his life has value.”added the young woman.

His Instagram profile is currently followed by nearly 60,000 people across the planet. Some sequences count more than 73 million views and arouse many reactions.

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