A photographer takes a picture of an extremely relaxed Lizard basking in the sun

Lizard: Reptiles are often underestimated by people because they don’t think they have much to offer. But an Indonesian set out to prove that this is not true through photographs.

Although by nature reptiles can be considered rather cold because of their blood, for Yan Hidayat they are cool and amazing animals. The photographer has long been interested in closely documenting the life of reptiles, insects and other such animals.

© Instagram: yan_hidayat_567

He got to know them and what their hobbies are, and even managed to take some memorable photos at opportune and amazing times.


Yan told Bored Panda:

“I have been in photography for a long time. I’ve been doing it for about 12 years. »

© Instagram: yan_hidayat_567

Recently, one of his photographs has caught the attention of netizens as it has been shared thousands of times due to its uniqueness. And this is not unusual, because the photo shows a lizard sunbathing in a relaxed way, as if posing for the cameras.

For Yan, taking pictures of insects and reptiles is something unique and interesting, especially when he captures the moment he’s been waiting for. He also said that after taking the necessary photos, a sense of satisfaction grows in his heart, as he fulfills his purpose.

© Instagram: yan_hidayat_567

On the other hand, he said that the lizard featured in the viral photo could be a Sulawesi Bloodsucker, but in reality it is his pet.

Yan commented:

“I’ve had this lizard since I was little; it is no longer wild and has often been the subject of my photos. He practically lives inside my house, but I always take him outside to enjoy the sun. I took advantage of him relaxing in the sun and surprisingly managed to capture him.”

© Instagram: yan_hidayat_567

For him, the reptile called Dragon is not just a lizard, and the fact that they live together shows that they have managed to create a special relationship. The man assures everyone who has been captivated by the photos that Dragon is healthy and living comfortably.

As well as demonstrating his love of reptiles and insects, the man says this type of photography really tests his patience. For him, the most important thing when it comes to capturing that special shot is having the patience to chase the right moment, very sound advice.

© Instagram: yan_hidayat_567

All photos are admired by peopleso much so that the press publishes his photos, because they show the different facets of reptiles.

Without a doubt, this photographer has shown that all animals have something special to show and what better way than to be able to do so through photographs.

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