a Pitbull walking around with a backpack was harassed by stray dogs, he did not react to the attacks

Social networks such as TikTok bring stories to people in seconds, with those featuring dogs or kittens always being the favorites on the platform. Of course, this case is no exception.

In recent hours, the video of a pitbull puppy, who walks in the street with a backpack and is harassed by stray dogs who annoy him, has become very popular. However, the intelligent dog does not react to anything.

Have you ever seen a dog with a backpack getting roughed up? Of course, this is quite a far-fetched question, which is why it has aroused so much curiosity among netizens.

© TikTok @adonis_pitbull

The TikTok account @adonis_pitbull is dedicated to the adventures of a gray pitbull dog named Adonis, which depicts his daily life. However, his most viewed video is the one that shows the dog walking down the street with his blue backpack, until he is interrupted by two other dogs of different breeds barking at him and blocking his way.

A Pitbull walking around with a backpack was harassed by stray dogs

The pit bull is surprised and motionless, and it is also intimidated. It is possible to hear the owner say “Don’t fight”. During a moment of inattention when the two aggressive dogs open the way for him again, Adonis takes the opportunity to move forward slowly while out of the corner of his eye, he sees his companions who have disturbed him.

The brown dog, who barks the most at the pit bull, comes back angrily to try to block his way again, but to no avail.

In addition to the huge amount of “likes” the video has, users have not hesitated to applaud Adonis’ actions and congratulate his owner. for higher education she gave him, showing him the love he receives for remaining calm in the face of the attacks of others.

This dog shows that despite being a breed known for being “aggressive”, it can be taught to be friendly.

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