A Portelois kills his cat by throwing it against a wall, he is arrested

A man was arrested by the police on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at Portel. According to witnesses, the individual allegedly killed a cat he owned by throwing it against a wall.

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A cat died in particularly violent circumstances on Wednesday evening at Portel. According to witnesses, who informed the police, a man living in rue Battez thrown against a wall the animal, which he owned. The gesture would have been repeated several times, until the death of the little cat, named Vachette.

Law enforcement intervenes

The national police intervened in conjunction with the municipal police and the animal service Opale capture. ” I was notified around 11:15 p.m.explains the day after the intervention Jérémie Marion, the manager of Opale Capture. I went there to recover the body of the animal. I also filed a complaint on behalf of an animal protection association. »

An arrest

Jérémie Marion specifies that “ the owner was known unfavorably from the animal service and the municipal police for animal nuisance and what appeared to be mistreatment. The 27-year-old man, according to our information, was arrested and placed in police custody. Olivier Barbarin, the mayor of the town, was also warned overnight.

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