A raccoon returns to visit the woman who saved him 3 years ago

The beautiful story of this raccoon: Very many stories often show that animals have an incredible habit of thank people for the gestures they receive. Of course, the raccoon in this story is no exception. When he was just a baby, Little Hands, as this little mammal is called, was found abandoned on the side of a busy highway.

The little animal was taken to several rescue centers and wildlife sanctuaries in the area, but unfortunately these places had no room due to overcrowding; all shelters were at capacity.

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Nikki Robinson, wildlife rehabilitator, told The Dodo:

“When you ask what to do with an orphaned raccoon, you get the response: ‘Leave it alone and let nature take its course’ or ‘You can take it to the vet and they will have to euthanize it’ . It broke my heart, I couldn’t let it happen! »


So while Nikki worked all day, her mother, Linda, was responsible for bottle-feeding the adorable baby raccoon up to five times a day.

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Nikki says:

“The first time she gave him the bottle and he looked at her, she just melted. She treated him very gently from the start, because he really likes to be touched. She therefore became attached to him, even though she knew that he would return to nature one day or another. »

Thanks to Linda’s care and dedication throughout this time, the kind raccoon overcame every obstacle that came his way, and by the end of the summer he was ready to return to his natural habitat.

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Nikki recalls:

“Rescued raccoons are gently released and go onto her property and live under the patio for a while, and she leaves food until they move away and find their own way. But Petite Main remained friendly and close with the whole family. »

For three years now, the adorable raccoon has been living in the wild, but always comes back to visit Linda and cuddle up next to her for a while on the porch of the house.

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The wildlife rehabilitator said:

“My mom has a swing set on the porch that she sits on, and he would come and literally crawl over to the swing set and sit next to it and just want us to scratch his behind and his chin. He wanted to cuddle, then he ate and left. »

It seems that the adorable raccoon is very grateful to Linda, who helped him when he needed it most and keeps visiting to thank her. Linda took in other abandoned baby raccoons who had nowhere to go and cared for them with the same love.

Of course, it’s amazing how, every year, the raccoons she releases into the wild come back from time to time. time to visit him.

With Linda’s love and care, the raccoons live their lives in the wild, safe and happy, but they also know they can always come back to Linda’s for cuddle sessions and delicious food.

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